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To ace the challenge, you are required to create a hero section for the website in one hour of free time the day you receive the mail.


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We strongly encourage you to share your work with the community after completing the challenge in order to receive feedback from others and to show them what you have accomplished.

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The story behind #30daysofwebdesign

The story behind #30daysofwebdesign begins when Lorenzo Doremi decides to start a 30-day challenge to improve his web design skills and share his learning through a medium post with the design community.

Various people have participated in the challenge since it started going viral when Ran Segall decided to make it visible on his Instagram account, which has more than 112K followers. The community then mobilized and started using the hashtag #30daysofwebdesign, which now has more than 3000 posts.

We wanted to go a step further and we tried to continue giving it visibility with more specific challenges for those who are stuck with a blank canvas.

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